Bantuan Foundation was established on 23rd July 2005 by a small group of like-minded individuals, who wanted to help ease the pain and suffering of the survivors of South Asian Tsunami, particularly in southern Sri Lanka.

Recently being registered as a UK charity (No:1138090), we will be expanding our help and assistance to all regions of  natural disasters, aiding and facilitating the poor and needy to fend for themselves in the future.

Primary aim of the Foundation is to look for areas where direct and targeted assistance, which is  within our limited  resources, can make real impact on people’s lives.

We have already completed a number of small projects in Sri Lanka, including refurbishing and providing essential  services for a school library in Kirinda, a small town in southern Sri Lanka, which was devastated by the Tsunami. In  addition, six personal computers, with educational software, were also donated to the school, to help children with their  basic  technical learning.

We are currently supporting fifteen Orphaned children, on a ‘Foster Parenting Scheme’, which allows the children to carry on with their schooling and, in addition provides much needed financial assistance to their guardians. Many families have also received contributions, to buy sewing machines and household goods etc., so they are more self-sufficient and better able to fend for themselves. The Foundation also had the privilege of helping two orphans start their married life, by financing their wedding arrangements!

Bantuan Foundation facilitated the collection of 500 blankets, kindly donated by Thistle Hotels, and transported free of charge by British Airways, to the earthquake devastated regions of Pakistan.

With your continued support and generosity, we are confident that we would be able to provide even more help and assistance to the survivors of natural disasters, to rebuild their lives with dignity and self-esteem.